Explain How An Understanding Of Psychology And/Or Culture Can Help Managers Think

If we talk about the academic discipline, then we come to know that the study of the actual existence of knowledge and its reality is known as the philosophy. With the help of the philosophical thoughts, we will be able to find out all the solutions to the problems. First of all, the term of “Philosophy” was used by the Pythagorean. If you want to become a successful manager, then you will have to adopt the thinkings and the habits of the philosophers. If you are not able to find out the solution to a problem by using the philosophical methods, then you can get help from the dissertation writing services. Here, we will discuss that how an understanding of philosophy and culture can help managers to find out the solution to a problem. 

1) Helpful in measuring the corporate culture:

To measure the corporate culture is a secret that is used by the companies in order to get an idea what are possible ways to attract and retain the best employees. After getting the answer to this question, it will be easy for a company to stand among the other competing companies. The only way to measure the corporate culture is to think like a philosopher and try to get the answers to the following questions;

A) What type of talent do you want to attract?

B) What are the possible ways to retain the customers?

C) How to achieve the goals of your company in order to boost up your profit level?

D) How to get the support of a brand to engage the customers?

2) Helpful in the assessment of the risk culture: 

As we know that there exists some amount of risk that is faced by almost all the organizations. It is the responsibility of a manager to assess that risk and try to formulate the best ways to minimize that risk. This assessment of the risk is possible only if a manager has the ability to think like a philosopher. By using these philosophical thoughts, first of all, a manager will try to identify all kinds of risks like financial, marketing, operational, and people that an industry can face. Secondly, he/she will try to measure the potential impacts of this risk. Thirdly, he/she will try to manage the risk by using the different risk management techniques like risk avoidance, risk reduction, transferring the risk, and accepting the risk.

3) To formulate a roadmap for continuous improvement:

Another important benefit of the philosophical thoughts of a manager is that he/she can easily design such a plan that can provide a roadmap for the continuous improvements within an organization. A manager can make a roadmap for the continuous improvements by documenting the performance issues, by developing an action plan, by reviewing the action plan, by following that plan, by highlighting the behaviours of the employees, and by making a list of the best action plans. After formulating this roadmap, you just need to strictly follow this roadmap in order to get the required outcomes.

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