Importance of reading assignment guidelines for writing a good assignment

A student or a specialist, they all know the importance of reading assignment instructions or guidelines to write your tasks exactly what your advisor has asked you to do and that surely gives you high grades. If someone is not doing it and still getting pass his/her assignments then for surely he/she will learn the importance after an accident as I learnt. I skipped last few pages of assignment guidelines by assuming that I have learnt everything about the task and I can do it perfectly but the result was opposite as last pages contained notes those were kind of blood to get alive my words.
So now you may have questions in your mind what should be read first or what should be the priority list while reading assignment instructions. First of all keep it in your mind that the instructions are important, every single word of it is important this is way your teacher has given it to you. Most of the time students perceive that teacher has given a rundown of the task in classroom so now there is no need to go in depth of the details. This approach is completely wrong that can bring worst result and you know what I meant by ‘worst result’. The reason behind not just relying on the discussion about task in classroom are many but the most important is that you might not have noticed every single word or instruction that teacher has explained or included in the guideline paper. Further relying on just class discussion can result into mess up of your essay or assignment as you might cover a lot of unnecessary instructions those were just discussed but not approved by the advisor.

These all are the reasons why your institute has made it compulsory for your advisors to give a written for of assignment guidelines so student not just can write their task appropriately but learn about academic writing pattern as well. Yes! Of course your case can be different as you read all instructions while starting your assignment but still could not get best results. Reason behind is this that you might have missed something and did not ensure by rechecking the instructions and matching that with your written work. So now you have completely understood that how important it is to read assignment guidelines. By keeping the importance of reading assignment instructions in mind here are a few ways recommended to check your accomplished assignment against teacher’ given set of guidelines for writing an assignment;

· Make a checklist before start working on your tasks, most of the times your guidelines have that checklist as an end note but if that is not there then make it on your own. It will help to ensure your high grades.

· If you don’t have a time to make a check list on your own then find it on your university website or online

Further if there is no check list by name in guidelines then for sure there is a marking rubric and that plays an amazing role as a check list and guarantees your success.

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