Clever Brain Hacks That Are Helpful For Your Studies

If we take an overview of the last decade, then we come to know that brain hacks that are also known as mind hacks have become very popular among the students. The brain hack or mind hack is the name of training your mind to function at the higher level. For this reason, there is no need to get help or training from a doctor. You can easily improve the functions of your brain by feeding your brain, by rewiring your brain, and by challenging your brain. If you don’t have enough idea about the brain hacks, then you can get help from experts in academic writing services. Here, we will discuss some clever brain hacks that are helpful for the students in order to improve their studies. 

1) Teach someone else

If you think that you are not able to understand a particular topic in an effective way, then you should try to take an overview of the topic and try to teach this topic to someone else. According to the research at the Washington University, if you adopt this essential brain hack, then you can easily get a grasp on your topic. Moreover, this kind of brain hack is also helpful for the students in order to speed up their learning process. This essential technique is also helpful for the students to organize your information in a coherent way.

2) Learn in short bursts of time
According to research at Louisiana State University, if you want to learn new information, then you will have to study 30-50 minutes. Its reason is that if you study less than 30 minutes, then you will never be able to memorize this information in an effective way. On the other hand, if you try to spend more than 50 minutes on studies, then you will lose your concentration. Therefore, you should try to learn new information in short bursts of time.

3) Take notes by hand

It is a fact that while studying; we will have to take notes. Nowadays, this is an era of computer and most of the students try to type their notes on the computer screen. This is not the best way to learn something in an effective way. According to research, if you want to learn something with the help of note-taking technique, then it is an unavoidable thing for you to take notes with the help of a pen and a paper. Its reason is that this technique will be helpful to you to comprehend the information in a better way than typing on the computer screen.

4) Create mental associations

If you are going to remember new information without making its connection with the previous information, then you can’t achieve the required results. According to Steve Jobs, if you want to become a creative learner, then you will have to create connections between the new information and the existing information. The best way to create a solid connection of new information with the existing information is that you should try to create mind maps.

Some other brain hacks that are helpful for studies are to draw diagrams, to use some techniques for the avoidance of distractions, and to take regular study breaks.

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