How Changing Narratives Help to Improve Your Education

An event or a series of events that connects ideas and concepts in writing is known as narrative. There are various forms of narratives in education like descriptive narrative, viewpoint narrative, historical narrative, linear narrative and nonlinear narrative etc. Different students adopt different narratives to get success in their educational career. During their academic career, there is a possibility that a specific narrative is not working. Under such a situation, it is necessary for students to change their narratives in order to bring improvements to their education level. Here, we will discuss according to the opinion of the writers of dissertation proposal writing services, how changing narratives are helpful for students to improve their education level. 

1) Importance of descriptive narrative

After changing their narrative, if students adopt a descriptive narrative in writing, they can get two essential benefits. First of all, they can easily create a sense of setting, time and place. Secondly, it is also possible for them to convey their mood and tone to the said time and place. Descriptive narrative is also helpful for students to create an illusion of reality, students can compose sensory details, students can easily change the pace of their writing and it is also possible for students to unfold the plot of a story. 

2) Importance of viewpoint narrative

Sometimes, there is a possibility that the students are not able to convince readers with the help of descriptive narrative. Under such a situation, it is necessary for them to change their narrative from descriptive to viewpoint narrative. With the help of viewpoint narrative, it is necessary for readers to understand the viewpoint of viewpoint narrator. POV (Point of View) is known as the key element of viewpoint narrative. In other words, we can say that viewpoint narrative provides a chance for writers to explain their point of views, feelings and desires about a specific topic. 

3) Importance of historical narrative

There are also some students who change their narrative and they adopt historical narrative. This kind of narrative is helpful in such a situation in which you have to recount past events. The historical narrative is helpful for writers when they are going to write biography, autobiography or some historical events. The main advantage of historical narrative in education is that the students are able to choose the best words to show an order of events. The historical narrative also provides an idea to students how to narrate events in the past and how to inquire about different events. 

4) Importance of linear narrative

Sometimes, there is a possibility that the students have to describe the events in their actual sequence. Under such situation, linear narrative is helpful for them. Its reason is that linear narrative is helpful for students to narrate different events in a similar way as they happen. This type of narrative is helpful for students to tell the readers how to feel the character of the story. The students are able to get an idea of how to unfold or experience different kinds of life events. 

There are also some students who adopt a non-linear narrative. The non-linear narrative is helpful for students in such a situation when they have to explain different events in chronological order.

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