All You Need To Know About The University Of Edinburgh

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All You Need To Know About "The University Of Edinburgh" 

The University of Edinburgh is known as the sixth oldest university in the English speaking world. It was founded in 1582 and it is also known as the oldest university in Scotland. There are five main buildings of this university in Edinburgh. If we take an overview of the 2020 QS World Ranking, we get an idea that this university is ranked at the 20th position. According to the US News’ Best University Ranking, it is ranked at the 6th position. According to the Times Higher Education Ranking, it is ranked at the 7th position. Here, we will discuss all the things that you should need to know about The University of Edinburgh.


In this section, we provide basic information about the University of Edinburgh. This information is given below; 

1) Students 

The most interesting fact about this university is that it is attracting the world’s greatest minds. That’s why there are almost 40,000 students from 156 countries are studying in this university. 

2) Teaching and research excellence 

According to the report of the Quality Assurance Agency, this university is providing the best quality learning experience to the students. In this university, 300 different master courses are taught. Moreover, there are also more than 180 research areas at this university. 

3) Global connections 

This university has adopted internationalism strategy and according to this strategy, it is providing the world-class teaching and research experiences globally. 

4) Collaborations and international partnerships 

This university is also collaborating with some other world’s leading institutions in the fields of science, engineering, arts, culture and medicine.

5) Funding and scholarships 

The funding and scholarship opportunities in this university are also surprising for the students. This university is providing these funding and scholarship opportunities to their high performing students. 


This university is also providing lots of facilities for the students. These facilities are explained below; 

1) Support for students and their studies 

This university is not only providing the supporting facilities for the studies but it is also trying to fulfil the personal needs of the students. 

2) Academic support 

This university is also providing solid academic support for their students. For this reason, they have hired a personal tutor who is providing guidance and support to the students in order to resolve their academic problems. There is also a peer support scheme for the students. They are also offering some short courses for the students that are helpful for them to enhance their educational skills. 

3) Libraries and IT 

This university is providing a facility of one of the world’s largest library. With the help of this library, it is easy for the students to get access to 700,000 electronic journals and 700 licensed databases. Moreover, in all the departments of this university, there are also subject-specific libraries. It was also one of the largest computing networks in Great Britain because it is providing access to the students over 3,000 computers. There are almost 30 open access computer labs and these computer labs are available for the assistance of the students 24 hours in a day. Their libraries are also offering laptop loans for their students. Moreover, their students can also enjoy 100% free Wifi coverage in all the buildings of the university. 

4) Student life 

There is the Edinburgh University Students Association and this association has almost 260 different societies. These 260 societies are offering different kinds of activities for the students. Therefore, students can take part in those societies that are interesting to them. If you are interested in sports, this university is also providing an essential opportunity for you. It means that you can take part in their sports clubs because this university has almost 60 sports clubs for the students. Moreover, there are also lots of cafes, bars and restaurants in this university. The students can also enjoy themselves by visiting one of the world’s oldest buildings Teviot. As this university is situated in Edinburgh and Edinburgh itself is known as the world’s most famous place for living. 

If you want to get admission to any program at this university, you can apply in different ways. First of all, if you want to take part in the post-graduate program, you can take admission through their online degree finder. Moreover, if you want to get any kind of information about this university, it is also available on their website. 

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