Digital Literacy Can Be Made Interesting with Storytelling

Digital Literacy with Storytelling
Digital literacy has been defined as the ability to make use of the information as well as the communication technologies to search, evaluate, create and to share information with the help of both technical and cognitive skills. In the easiest of terms, digital literacy can be identified as the comprehension to use web browsers, search engines, email, text, blogs, word processing software, videoing making ad editing software and other tasks that can be carried out on the digital devices.

In the past few decades, the definition of literacy has undergone a big change. It is no longer considered the ability to just read and write. These days literacy is considered digital and critical; digital because it is all about using computer-based technology and critical as the individual must find, analyze, create and share information the right way. Things are continuously changing and with dissertation proposal writing services and digital literacy, the mode of teaching and learning are also taking a new form and shape.

Digital Literacy and Storytelling:
It would not be wrong to say that digital literacy is all about learning and developing the same reading and writing skills but the method is different; here no pencils, paper, books or lectures are used. This is a purpose-build and student-driven and makes of digital devices such as iPads, Chromebook or desktops for daily use along with the digital calendar, blogs, websites and other vocabulary tools to support the learning process. Digital storytelling is a short form of digital media production that enables the common man to share various aspects of his life with others.

The digital platform is huge and there is space for everyone; every individual has the right to share their thoughts and ideas with others using pictures, audio or other forms of media that exist only on electronic files. Digital expertise and literacy are no longer two separate things and both of them combined play a key role in the current era. Not only this, but digital literacy is also very important for careers that are on their way to becoming machine-based. Whether it is students or professionals, all need to be competent and have command over a wide variety of interfaces and computer skills to succeed in their respective fields.

How Storytelling Plays A Key Role In Digital Literacy:
It is important to know that digital storytelling is a form of writing a dissertation even though it is a far cry from traditional writing with pen and paper. Whether it is a multi-day project or a storyboard that is created in ten minutes, the process for digital storytelling remains the same as any other project. It includes:
  • Brainstorming
  • Planning
  • Creating
  • Revising
  • Editing
  • Publishing
  • Reflection
Digital literacy gives people a chance to interact with the digital world and become its part using the internet as the medium to connect with others. It is giving people a chance to create and upload their content and ideas; they can search, criticize and produce content for various media and even learn to improve their skills with proper use of the digital platform. The best thing about digital literacy is that it makes storytelling very interesting and animated. It gives people the ability and flexibility to work with different web tools as well as software programs that all work together and mirror the traditional writing process, minus the pen and paper.

Digital stories have to be presented in persuasive and emotionally engaging formats that make use of various digital tools to tell their story. These stories are interactive and cover a variety of digital narratives be it web stories, interactive stories, hypertexts, and even computer games. At the time these digital stories are also used in advertising and promotion as they are a strong medium that can reach hundreds and thousands of people with just a few clicks. Digital literacy is made interesting with storytelling as this is the process with which people from various parts of the world, various cultures and diverse religions can share their life stories or creative streak with others. Accessible media production techniques have made storytelling very easy as the right hardware and software make it possible for people to record, upload and promote their stories over the internet.

What adds more to storytelling is modern technology as it provides moving images and sounds that make stories very entertaining and engaging. Due to the facilities offers by the advanced media and digital technologies, now people can approach storytelling from unique and creative perspectives that add even more attraction to the entire experience. The most essential thing to know in this regard is that when it comes to storytelling, there are no rules; storytelling has become boundless with digital literacy as the truth of the story lies in the way it is processed and presented to the viewers. When it comes to capturing the attention of the audience, there is no other way than digital storytelling to do it and digital literacy has added new dimensions to storytelling.

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