What You Should Master Before Writing Geography Assignment

Writing Geography Assignment
Geography is the part of the science which is related to the study of land, people, and structure of the earth. It involves studies about the shape of the earth, internal layers, history and formation of earth, water reservoirs, continents, oceans, rivers, deserts and forests. A geography assignment requires a proper and formal writing style. It requires proper research and facts and figures. It is difficult in nature because it gives very little or no space for opinion and experience sharing.

Characteristics of a Good Geography Assignment:
For writing a good geography assignment with help of assignment writing services, you should be clear about the purpose of the assignment. You must have sufficient background knowledge and information. Information should be shared in a chronological manner. Information provided should be taken from a reliable source. It should have proper formatting and must be error free.

What Expertise Are Required For Writing a Geography Assignment:
  • You should have proper background knowledge and information about the topic.
  • You must have information about data gathering
  • You must know about credible and authentic sources
  • You must know how to write an assignment.
  • You must know what the parts of an assignment are.
  • You must know formatting and editing Requirements

  • Parts of a Geography Assignment: A geography assignment has three main parts: an introduction, body, and conclusion. An introduction has one paragraph, Body contains three to five paragraphs and conclusion is provided in one paragraph.
  • Assess the Topic and Research: First of all you need to wisely choose and properly understand the issue. It is very important to identify and understand the main concept of the question so that you can better plan the strategy for research. A best and standard quality assignment is the one that has proper arguments supported by valid evidence.
  • Background Research: A proper background research from credible sources is a backbone of an assignment. The most reliable resources for valuable information are books, journals, and encyclopedias.

An introduction is a part of an assignment that provides general information on the topic. It should contain background or context to the topic for giving the readers general understanding of the topic. It should contain an outline of issues that you will discover in your assignment but it should not be in detail. You also introduce your thesis statement. Let’s suppose you are writing a geography assignment on the topic depletion of natural resources. You can start the introduction with the definition of natural resources like, “Natural resources are defined as …”.

Body is that part of the assignment in which you provide detailed information, arguments and discussion about the topic. You put your main ideas into the body. It is better to present one idea in one paragraph. Paragraphs should be in order and each paragraph should be connected on the other. Further each paragraph should have here pain parts topic sentences, supporting sentences and conclusive sentences.

The conclusion should contain the main points for summing up the whole discussion. Do not introduce any new idea or argument in conclusion. Give your final opinion or suggestion. Ending statements should be the one which shows space for more research.

For self-convenience and for assurance that your assignment is according to the given guidelines and requirements you can create a checklist at the start and use it at the end for checking if there is anything left.
  • Have you provided the thesis statement?
  • Is your information relevant to the topic?
  • Have you used reliable sources of information?
  • Spelling and Grammar Checking
  • Is your formatting according to the standard formatting styles?
  • Check Plagiarism
  • Proper Citation

Most Credible Resources for Information:
There are many sources available for getting information but it is very important to know which sources are reliable and which are not. Scholarly sources are the most trustworthy source because they are written by the experts who have specialization in a certain field.. It includes academic, peer-reviewed and refereed articles.

  • Libraries: Libraries are considered as the most authentic source for getting the information. Not only the books and research papers but the staff of the research library is that source of information which is often overlooked. The staff of the research library has specialization in research. They can help to assist you in finding the right resources and material for your topic.
  • Journal Articles: Journal articles are the second most trusted source of information. These journals involve only those articles which fulfill the research requirements and characteristics. These journals are available in libraries and online on websites.
  • Websites: Websites are the most easily accessible source of getting information. But not all the websites and their content are authentic. Try to use websites which are only recommended by your instructor.

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